Re: Future browsers...

Aleksandar Totic <>
From: Aleksandar Totic <>
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Subject: Re: Future browsers...
To: (Sebastian Francis Heath)
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 93 17:32:13 CST
In-reply-to: <>; from "Sebastian Francis Heath" at Nov 20, 93 5:40 pm
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> The second request may seem to go against the spirit of the web.  I would 
> like to put Mosaic clients in a museum public gallery.  This is 
> unrealistic with the existing set of actions that the current clients 
> support.  I do not want users to be able to quit, open new windows, close 
> existing ones, open any URL, etc.  On X servers, resizing windows can be 
> controlled by the window manager.  The mac and windows? client would need to 
> support window type choices.  What would people think of a public 
> access/kiosk version of the client?  
MacMosaic is very customizable (like any other Mac applications),
through ResEdit. You can arbitrarily rearrange the menus, and delete
those that are not needed. The windows can be edited through ViewEdit,
and you could change window type through it.