Re: WWW Indexing initative (Ari Luotonen)
From: (Ari Luotonen)
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 93 19:14:35 +0100
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: WWW Indexing initative

> >Requested document (URL could not be accessed.
> >
> >The information server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve
> >the document to you.
> Yes, seems to be hosed an awful lot lately.  I think it's
> NFS problems, or at least the Domain-iac inside me wants to believe that.

info is just a poor-ol' NeXT, it will be upgraded soon to a Sun.
It crashes from time to time, probably because of memory running
out or something like that (I'm not a NeXTpert, this is only what
the big boys have told me).

So please be patient with us, these problems will soon be history.

> Often, you can get a copy by trying instead.

Yes, this is currently true, BUT I want to EMPHASIZE that this
is NOT official, so DO NOT in any circumstances make links to www1
that start with /hypertext/...!!!

> Unfortunately, 1) not everything is duplicated,

There is no duplication; both info and www1 NFS mount /hypertext
from the same machine;  so you should get exactly the same stuff
from either machine (please don't flame us, we know this NFS mounting
is very stupid, and we'll fix it once we get enough diskspace).

> and 2) even in the
> duplicated stuff, not all the pointers are relative, so you often get
> landed back onto the inoperative server.

This is very true and oh, so sad.

-- Cheers, Ari --