Re: WWW Indexing initative

Tim Berners-Lee <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 93 17:09:30 +0100
From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
Message-id: <>
To: Scott W Brim <>
Subject: Re: WWW Indexing initative

>I have a feeling there are many such initiatives, but if someone  
>me to list them and evaluate their status I couldn't possibly.  Does
>anyone have a list of the current efforts?  If not, could some
>knowledgeable person (Jill???) please take a few minutes and put one
>                                                Thanks ... Scott

	I have a feeling there are many such lists... Could some
	knowledgable person make a list of them?  ;-))))
	A list of all known (to us) subject-oriented collections
	going across protocol boundaries is 

	I append it without the links if you are interested.
	One of the collections is one which we started, and which
	we delegate by subject.  Anyone interested in keeping up to
	date the definitive list of internet resources in a
	 restricted subject area is VERY welcome to take on a
	"department".  Anyone who wants to start a new effort from
	scratch should think about scaling.  Similarly, if anyone
	feels the urge to make another metalist, then why not just
	add or take over ours?  There is room for comptetive lists
	but not yet at this level -- there ought to be a limited
	(BTW: If you start from
	you should find any collection, by subject, server type, etc
	but I think you are only talking of arrangements by

Tim Berners-Lee

                              A list of Virtual Libraries on the Web
                         VIRTUAL LIBRARIES

 Please mail if you know of any arrangement
                of information by subject not in this list of lists.

   These are collections of information by subject matter, good
   places to start when looking for information.

Browsing by subject

      The World Wide Web Virtual Library[1] is distributed in that
      different subjects are handled by different sites.

Searchable libraries

      The UU-NNA metalibrary[2] wishes to create a fully accredited
      university over computer networks

      The W3 searchable catalog[3] built from other sources here.

      The Internet Services list[4] (based on Yanoff's Internet

      The Whole Internet Catalogue[5] from O'Reilly (updated from
      the bestselling "The Whole Internet Catalog User's Guide

Other catalogues


      Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet[6] will help you join the
      global village known as Cyberspace or the Net (1.02)

      Marc Andreessen's big "loosely catagorized" meta index[7] has
      pointers for example to the many Gopher subject trees.


  UMich's list of resource lists[8]
                          collects and makes widely  available
                         guides to Internet resources which are

  The HCI Bibliography Project
                          A free-access online extended bibliography
                            on Human-Computer Interaction (gathers
                         most books, journals, and conference
                         proceedings on HCI dating back to 1980)