Mosaic 2.0 fixes and improvements (frans van hoesel)
From: (frans van hoesel)
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Subject: Mosaic 2.0 fixes and improvements
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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1993 11:31:59 +0100 (MET)
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There were some important fixes in the postscriptcode that did not make it in
the 2.0 release of Xmosaic. (I did send them in just before the release so
those overworked guys at NCSA didn't have time to test it for you)

the current version gives you 'dancing' letters when you mix font
styles on one line (eg the bold font uses a different baseline than
the normal font)

Also the printer will now print in times, helvetica or new-century schoolbook
depending on the font family you use for viewing. Besides giving you
the choise for your printout, it also results in much better
horizontal layout, because the postscript layout is directly related
to the placement of the text inside the viewer.

it also adds support for the <hr> horizontal ruler and fixes a bug
with wrong %%Page comments.

the major improvement comes from the support for fixed-width italics
and fixed-width bold font, in both the viewer, and the postscript module.

these fixes are both releases as a context diff (so you can use 'patch'
to get the better Mosaic version) and as complete new source files
(but only for the source files that are affected by these changes)

Note that this is an unofficial release, so ncsa, may or may not
include this in their next release. But when that release is going to happen
is known only to the gods.

No binaries are made available. you will have to get the full XMosaic source

the files are available through anonymous ftp from in the directory pub/Mosaic-2.0b

happy patching,

- frans