Mosaic 2.0 bug? (bryan oakley)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 14:00:46 CST
From: (bryan oakley)
Message-id: <9312062000.AA03828@maple.iapa>
Subject: Mosaic 2.0 bug?
Anybody care to comment on how the following is rendered using Mosaic
2.0 for X?

    Notice that this block is indented four spaces.  Also notice
    that if a line has an &lt;EM&gt; which spans a line <EM>like this,
    the following line is improperly (?) indented</EM>.

At least on my system (SGI Indigo^2), the third line is indented only
about half as much as the other lines.  I'm guessing this is wrong.
If anything, I'd expect the line to be indented more because of the
spacing of the emphasized font.

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