slideshow-1.2 and xmosaic-2.pre4: minor problem (Vinay Kumar)
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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 93 11:05:02 PDT
From: (Vinay Kumar)
Message-id: <9310061805.AA18470@eit.COM>
Subject: slideshow-1.2 and xmosaic-2.pre4: minor problem
For those of you who are using "ss" or slideshow-1.2 with xmosaic-2.pre4 you
might be experiencing one minor problem with seeing the first-slide in 
xmosaic-2.pre4. It always loads NCSA's home_page and not the first slide
in your file. (Thanks to Neal.McBurnett@att for pointing that out.)

My take at this point is that xmosaic-2.pre4 has hardcoded "-home" command 
line option, for obvious reasons (NCSA folks, can you verify this ?). As a 
result, ss-1.2 ignores the first slide in the URLfile as home_page and hence 
not seen at startup. This problem is not seen with older robust versions of 
xmosaic. If and when xmosaic-2.pre4 becomes robust release4 things should be
back to normal.

  Vinay Kumar