slideshow-1.2 and xmosaic-2.pre4: minor problem (Marc Andreessen)
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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 93 14:15:51 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: (Vinay Kumar)
Subject: slideshow-1.2 and xmosaic-2.pre4: minor problem
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Vinay Kumar writes:
> For those of you who are using "ss" or slideshow-1.2 with xmosaic-2.pre4 you
> might be experiencing one minor problem with seeing the first-slide in 
> xmosaic-2.pre4. It always loads NCSA's home_page and not the first slide
> in your file. (Thanks to Neal.McBurnett@att for pointing that out.)
> My take at this point is that xmosaic-2.pre4 has hardcoded "-home" command 
> line option, for obvious reasons (NCSA folks, can you verify this ?). As a 
> result, ss-1.2 ignores the first slide in the URLfile as home_page and hence 
> not seen at startup. This problem is not seen with older robust versions of 
> xmosaic. If and when xmosaic-2.pre4 becomes robust release4 things should be
> back to normal.

More to the point, when 2.0 is released this won't be the case.
Regular readers of my rantings will know that we've been frustrated in
the past by people taking the prereleases too seriously, distributing
them to users, and then complaining because the quality isn't as high
as it is for regular releases (surprise!).  Thus, the hardcoded
warning page.