Re: Browser handling of URL's with '?' in them

Rik Harris <>
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Subject: Re: Browser handling of URL's with '?' in them 
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Charles Henrich <> wrote:
> Okay a number of folks of the NCSA For Macintosh browser have pointed out that
> the Macintosh browser find's the first question mark in a URL and lops off
> everything after it.  As a result of which my interactive weather stuff does
> not work.  I havent been able to find any definitive word on this in the specs,
> while Mosaic for X only remove's what it appends on subsequent queries (as I
> think it should).  So the question is this, whats the definitive behavior for
> a
> browser when it encounters a URL like:
> http://somehost/somedoc?item
> and is clickable (i.e ismap). When someone enter's clicks should the resulting
> URL be:
> http://somehost/somedoc?item?x,y (as mosaic for X handles it)
> or
> http://somehost/somedoc?x,y
> as in the case of the Mosaic for Mac's?

I've had problems with this too, except the other way.  I'd like to be
able to have the document returned from a search, also searchable,
using the same search as the original document.  

I like the way forms are submitted.  Would it be possible to set
the head of the URL returned as the search as part of the <ISINDEX>, 
like maybe <ISINDEX ACTION="http://...."> like the forms.

Does that make sense?

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