Re: "internal-gopher-image"?!?

Larry Masinter <>
In-reply-to: Guenther Fischer's message of Tue, 14 Dec 1993 06:47:10 -0800 <>
Subject: Re: "internal-gopher-image"?!?
From: Larry Masinter <>
Sender: Larry Masinter <>
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Date: 	Tue, 14 Dec 1993 09:53:44 PST
> I see some nive icons in Mosaic (inlined icons), but have no way to refer
> to them from my documents. I mean such as for ftp or gopher URLs.

> It would save much traffic over the lines if we could have a
> standard set of icons on the client site I could refer from the server site
> (I will say from the documents on a server).

> My vote:

> <IMG SRC=/INLINE/icon01.gif>

> The path component INLINE is reserved to be interpreted by the clients.
> If client found INLINE the next component is interpreted as one of
> a welldefined set of icons - nothing to transfer.

> If the client hasn't this feature he could transfer as till now.
> Because of that the server should have these "Standard-Icons" in the
> INLINE directory too.

> Could this be a area of standardization? - It would be so nice.

Here's another proposal:
	Invent a new kind of reference.
	Call it a `name' instead of a `location'.
	MMM, how about URN instead of URL.

	Use the URNs of frequently used icons instead of URLs.

	Some clients might even have built into them 
	*copies* of resources that are really frequently
	used (like common inline images).

	Others might retrieve them every time and just cache them
	for a short time.

	Others might have different caching schemes.

This could be a new area of standardization.