Re: "internal-gopher-image"?!? (Guenther Fischer)
From: (Guenther Fischer)
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Subject: Re: "internal-gopher-image"?!?
To: (Thomas R. Bruce)
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 15:47:10 +0100 (MET)
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> Folks:
> This question probably stems from being asleep at the switch as usual,
> but what does
>          <IMG SRC="internal-gopher-image">
> mean, and what unexplored part of the HTML standard is it part of?

You can address the inlined images of Mosaic in such a way - I think
there was one answer to  this.

The good one is: No image data has to be transfered.
The bad one: Whats with other browsers ?

Because of that the question about standard is right. Because of that
I put my question about such thinks here again:

To the www gurus:

I see some nive icons in Mosaic (inlined icons), but have no way to refer
to them from my documents. I mean such as for ftp or gopher URLs.

It would save much traffic over the lines if we could have a
standard set of icons on the client site I could refer from the server site
(I will say from the documents on a server).

My vote:

<IMG SRC=/INLINE/icon01.gif>

The path component INLINE is reserved to be interpreted by the clients.
If client found INLINE the next component is interpreted as one of
a welldefined set of icons - nothing to transfer.

If the client hasn't this feature he could transfer as till now.
Because of that the server should have these "Standard-Icons" in the
INLINE directory too.

Could this be a area of standardization? - It would be so nice.

It could also help to get a "real" WWW look and feel ...


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