Mosaic + innd = Nuthin (Bryan Cheung)
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 12:30:43 EST
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From: (Bryan Cheung)
Subject: Mosaic + innd = Nuthin
Is anyone out there using Mosaic to access news services from an innd news
server?? I am trying to use Mosaic (X,Mac,Win) to access internet news
using innd 1.4 as an nntp server on an AIX 3.2.4 box. I am having a problem
using all versions of mosaic to access the news server. In every case I get
     X:       "No articles in this group"
     Mac:     "No articles in this range"
     Windoze: "HTACCESS: Error accessing "my_local_group": Error Num -1"
The newsgroups in question are local newsgroups which are heavily
populated. Cello accesses the same innd-based news groups without any
problems. I am guessing that there are some differences in the NNTP
conversations expected by innd and the Mosaics (they have no problems
accessing CNEWS servers). Has anyone else run into this problem?? Any
pointers or info is greatly appreciated.

                Thanks in advance,

                              -- Bryan Cheung