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Subject: Re: Annoucement: Local Browser Execution 
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Sender: writes:
> writes:
> > It should catch the standard output of the commands in a (tmp)file, and
> > be ready to give this file to Mosaic via the remote control feature.
> > This is where the information about the document BASE will be needed:
> > the stdout of the command is supposed to be HTML, which might contain
> > relative links. I think that the Mosaic feature recently added to
> > handle mailed documents will solve/handle this.
> > 
> > One remaing problem: how/when do we remove the tmp-file that contains
> > the standard output?
> > 
> > What do people think? Could this be made to work? I'll try anyway.. :-)
> I have tried it and it works:
[script deleted]

I was already hacking my own version when i received your message,
but some ideas (the -xterm, -html etc features) were too nice to ignore :-)

I have now a new (prototype - comments welcome!) version of the script,
it looks for a BASE href passed in its input.
(it tries to be paranoia about the commands it is given to run, pointers
 are welcome if someone has something similar - i remember seeing
 something about a secure tcl interpreter ):

and a server that does the necessary mapping  (it includes the BASE href)
(in principle there is only need for one 'gateway' in the Web that does
 the URL-to-MIME-document mapping):

I think this can make the x-exec: URL scheme functionality available
to those who don't want/can hack the Mosaic client - all you need is the
x_exec script (or something similar), and in your ~/.mailcap a line:
	application/x-exec; x_exec %s
and then it should be (more or less?) 'plug compatible' with the x-exec:
scripts (the xprog script does contains some additonal tests that
are moved to the x_exec script) (my version of the xprog script:
to test, try
(after putting the x_exec and xprog scripts somewhere where they will
 be found, and adding the ~/.mailcap line mentioned above):

Please note: the x_exec script is experimental, just to test the idea...

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