Release of Lynx ver 2.1 (Kevin Atkinson)
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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 17:32:03 +0000
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From: (Kevin Atkinson)
Subject: Release of Lynx ver 2.1
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Thought you might be intersted in this:

It is always a good idea to keep your programs up to date:


Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas:

Lynx Ver. 2.1 is now available for anonymous ftp from    as   /pub/lynx/lynx2-1.tar.Z
                     and   /pub/lynx/

( )
( )

Lynx is a distributed hypertext browser with full World Wide Web
capibilities.  For an explanation of features and a demo, 
telnet to "" and login as "www".

This release of Lynx has been compiled by me on the following platforms:

 o  IBM (AIX 3.2)
 o  DEC Ultrix
 o  DEC Alpha OSF/1
 o  Sun 4
 o  NeXT (Mine is an older version of NeXTStep, but it should work 
          with newer ones too.)
 o  VMS (Multinet)
 o  OpenVMS for Alpha AXP (Multinet)

This release is rumored to compile on the following platforms:
 o  HP-UX (snake)
 o  Solaris 2
 o  SVR4
 o  VMS (UCX)
 o  SGI 
 o  SUN 3
 o  AIX 3.1
 o  NeXTStep 3.x

Binaries for the following platforms are available:

 o  IBM (AIX 3.2, will work with 3.1 as well)
 o  Ultrix
 o  Alpha OSF/1
 o  Sun 4
 o  VMS (Multinet)
 o  OpenVMS for Alpha AXP (Multinet)
A listserv list exists for the distribution of
Lynx related information and updates.
Send a subscribe request to to
be added to the list.  All new releases will be anounced on this
list.  Please do not send subscribe requests to the the Lynx-Dev
list directly.

    The following new features have been added/changed:

* massive rewrite.  Removed all Lynx internal format code and 
  restructured all the source files.  Every piece of Lynx
  code was rewritten or restructured or both.  Enhanced
  architecture and obtained modest increase in speed.
* The Lynx Bookmark file is now interpreted as an HTML document.  
  Old Lynx bookmark files must be converted using the lynx2html
  program or deleted.
* HTML+ forms as implemented by XMosaic now work. 
  Fill in the empty spaces and press the submit button to
  submit the form. (fun, fun, fun!)
* The <textarea> tag isn't done yet.  It will currently only
  give a one line text area.  The next version of Lynx will
  include a true textarea implementation once I figure out a
  reasonable interface.
* Incorporated WWWlib 2.14 and fixed up the descrip.mms files.
  Foteos Macrides made VMS port changes and wrote a really nice script to make compilation on VMS systems really easy.
  Foteos also ported Lynx to OpenVMS for alpha axp systems. 
* 's' now only means search a searchable indexed document through the
  server, and can no longer be used to search for strings within
  the displayed document.
* '/' now only searches through the current displayed document for
  strings and can not be used for server searching searchable index documents.
* Capital 'Q' now quits without asking for confirmation.
* 'm' for Main Menu now askes for confirmation and does NOT clear
  the history stack.
* Blockquote style changed slightly.
* Verbose Gopher option removed, verbose gopher functionality
  is now set permenantly on.
* Default editor is now configurable in the lynx.cfg file.
* Default bookmark file is now configurable in the lynx.cfg file.
* ownership is no longer inherited.
* <link rev="owner" href="mailto:ADDRESS"> now accepted as well as
  <link rev="made" href="mailto:ADDRESS"> to define the URL of the
  owner or person responsible for the info.
* 's' now only searches <isindex> server documents.
* '/' always means search within the document.
* anonymous users cannot change the bookmark page!  (security hole)
* added &nbsp; (non-breaking space), &ensp; and &emsp;
* fixed bug with <a> and other tags messing up formatting
  withing <PRE> segments.

                                                         >>> Kevina <<<