Semicolon's for all

Charles Henrich <>
From: Charles Henrich <>
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Subject: Semicolon's for all
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1993 10:59:04 -0500 (EST)
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I've come up with another reason (which was my original reason way back, but I
had forgotten about it until I just tried to do something).  With NCSA's
inlined includes, I can server any document and have the inlined include do
something special based on the URL.  For example, the inlined include can peel
off the '?' args and return various bits of information (such as in the
interactive weather browser here).  However, I can only give *one* piece of
information, and I cannot remember information in the URL by using this method
(as I have been doing).  Multiple question marks in a URL are a no-no, and even
with one question mark, the state gets obliterated on a mouse click or isindex
search.  I cant use the path hack for the URL, afterall, im not trying to
execute anything at all, I want to serve up a standard text document, and have
a program in it parse the URL.  I *need* the semicolon syntax to do this.


    Charles Henrich     Michigan State University