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Subject: Re: Paper version of an HTML document 
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> I have recently built a large documentation on HTML with numerous links
> inside it.
> It works very well with the browsers but I am now asked to make a paper
> version of this documentation.
> So my problem is :
> How can I convert this document in a paper document without repeating the
> linked sections ?
> Did someone had the same problem and has he got a solution ?

I'm also very interested in this question.  I've played with a few
ideas, but it looks like the one I will go with is to use Frame to
generate and maintain the documents with conversion programs to create
HTML, and printing from Frame.  Now this isn't likely to be useful for
people who don't have access to frame, but I believe there are similar
possibilities for other software packages.  Depending on the structure
of your documents, it might be appropriate to have the linked sections
map to a cross reference ("see section 3.2 on page 3"), which could be
done automatically.

It is also a posibility to use the fact that HTML browsers ignore
information that they don't understand, and do things like:

<A HREF="blahdfad" RIKXREF="yes" RIKXREFSECTNAME="Name of a Section">...</A>

If your document is well structured, this should be quite a reasonable

I'm interested to see other people's ideas and comments.

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