New (beta) Web Guide available for testing

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Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:52:21 --100
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Subject: New (beta) Web Guide available for testing
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	"Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace" version 6.0
is available in PostScript form and FrameMaker 4.0 read-only versions at:

	This version was done rather quickly for a couple of Webmastery
and hypermedia design seminars I gave recently at Stanford, and I'd
like to hear feedback on this version from the Web wizards and newbies
out there - does it need more meat? Does it give the right information
to new users?
	The next version, 6.1, will be updated and expanded even more
(taking into account all the activity and statistics that have been
gathered on the Web over the past two weeks), and will be translated
into a well-linked, eye-catching HTML package as well as the standard

	-- Kevin

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