Re: CGI and typing files by suffix

Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
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Subject: Re: CGI and typing files by suffix 
In-Reply-To: Charles Henrich's message of Thu, 30 Dec 1993 10:40:08 EST.
Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 1994 11:16:21 -0600
From: Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
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> > The `;' scheme simply has too many drawbacks (namely you can't front-end
> > existing directory hierarchies with scripts).
> It's a matter of taste of what's cleaner, and thats not what im pushing for,
> its the useless stat calls that are driving me nuts here.  Let me explain what
> happens on an AFS filesystem when you stat something thats not existant.
This is an implemenation issue, E.g., Plexus uses a config file instead
of doing stat()'s.  The current protocol does *NOT* imply that you must
use stat() calls to decide what is what.

> > Using the execute bit, where available, is probably the best plan.
> I concur, and agree, and wish it were so. :)

I disagree with myself here.  I've decided that I like have this in a
config file like Plexus does.  It's more secure and it's tons faster.

I don't understand why you are concuring on this point.  Using the
execute bit implies doing all the stat()'s which you are so against.