Steve Putz <>
From: Steve Putz <>
Subject: Re: PATHs in HTML
Message-id: <>
Date: 	Wed, 12 Jan 1994 10:01:48 PST
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Jim McBeath wrote:
> "PathNext" and "PathPrevious" buttons would facilitate stepping forwards
> and backwards through the nodes of the currently active path.

Two suggestions:

*** Next and Previous Buttons ***

I would like to see WWW browsers (especially Mosaic) implement "Next"
and "Previous" as they are in the original CERN line mode browser.
That way, any HTML document with a list of links in it can be used to
traverse a "PATH".

*** Display Selected Documents in a *Fixed* Second Viewer ***

A related feature I would like to see in Mosaic is this (inspired by a
feature in the original Viola browser):

Currently middle button selections (in X Mosaic) always spawn a new
document view window.  I would much rather it only create a new window
the first time, and then reuse that viewer for subsequent middle button
selections.  (The "Clone" button can always be used to open additional

These changes are even simpler than the proposed PATH features
(although some of those would be nice also).


Steve Putz Xerox Palo Alto Research Center