Re: Whitespace

Rich Wiggins <>
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Date:         Thu, 13 Jan 94 00:20:20 EST
From: Rich Wiggins <>
Subject:      Re: Whitespace
To: Bill Janssen <>,
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>I think the real driving force behind the welter of markup now in HTML+
>is the desire to make posters, or pictures, or whatever you might call
>them -- non-textual art -- combined with the misapprehension that HTML+
>is the only document formatting language we can use.

I think people want to be able to transmit the same sort of documents
over networks that they read on paper.  Documents rendered by Mosaic
are such a leap forward over the old flat ASCII titles with images
as separate titles that our collective appetite has been whetted;
it's not posters people want to deliver, it's glossy magazine
articles with sound and video attachments.   It's anything that
you can do on a CD ROM.

So don't look at a poster on the wall as what folks would like to
transmit.  Look at the last issue of Byte or Wired, and add videos.
I understand the standard arguments about markup being to denote
semantics not precise presentation, but there's a revolution of
rising expectations here.