Re: CGI and REMOTE_USER (Rob McCool)
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From: (Rob McCool)
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 1994 13:39:51 -0600
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       "Re: CGI and REMOTE_USER" (Jan 19, 12:08am)
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Subject: Re: CGI and REMOTE_USER
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 * Re: CGI and REMOTE_USER  by Markus Stumpf (
 *    written on Jan 19, 12:08am.
 * |> REMOTE_LOGNAME or something like that for the identd-given username?
 * I have used the REMOTE_LOGNAME variable.

Is there anyone who objects to REMOTE_LOGNAME being added to the CGI spec as
the RFC931 username of the remote user? This variable will be completely
optional as to whether a server wants to support it or not.