CCCC @ NJIT CMC/CSCW (James Whitescarver)
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 13:48:08 EST
From: (James Whitescarver)
Message-id: <>
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I'm back........

I've been out of this group for nearly a year.  It's been an exciting year, 
where many of our visions have been realized.  We had serious hacker problem
and were isolated for some time.  Fortunatly our public access at remained active most of the time.

My promises to release a new version of the NJIT screen mode browser have
not been kept.  fortunately, linus has filled the gap nicely.  We will
have a new release shorly, but still cannot release source code.

I'm writing for two reasons. First, we have a perminant new home page
at <>.  This
includes links to the experimental gateway to the distributed communications
data base for our Electronic Information Exchange System.  We expect to annouce
NJIT entry points soon (boy are we slow).

In addition, we have many projects involving www at this time.  We are
seeking consultants to help set up authentication gateways, servers and clients
with encription for various platforms.  Please send me product information,
resumes or proposals and pointers to relivant information.  Thanks!

Nearly 20 years of research and delvelopment of group systems at NJIT is
the primary resourse we have to offer the WWW community.  Please involve
me in any CMC/CSCW related activities on the web.  WWW is enabling us to
achieve many of our long term objectives.  We are determined to return some
of this value to the web community at large.  We are witnessing the 
blossoming of the information garden-- the integration of computer-mediated
communications with WWW we invision as the fertilizer to make it grow,
and reduce the entropy of our group memory.

On a personal note, I am looking for funding to attend the WWW conference.
If you have, or know of, an opportunity to consult there, I'd appreciate
any leads-- double thanks!  My expertise includes interfacing anything to
the web, Smalltalk, object-oriented methodology, frameworks for the
collective intelligence, and computer-mediated communications-- not to
mention humility :)

Do check into our new home page and send me any feedback.  (the EIES
gateway is unavailable 4 to 5 AM eastern standard time).

Kudos to all for an exceedingly fruitful year of web development!

James Whitescarver, Asst. Dir., CCCC, NJIT, Newark NJ 07102, USA, 201-596-2937