Re: Inlined image format (Jon E. Mittelhauser)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 14:12:02 CST
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To: (Christopher McRae), Pini Albilia <>
From: (Jon E. Mittelhauser)
Subject: Re: Inlined image format 
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At 11:56 AM 1/24/94 -0800, Christopher McRae wrote:
>Pini Albilia writes:
>> Is there a way to include Inlined image not in gif format?
>  There used to be a patch for Xmosaic which allowed for inlining TIFF
>images.  The work was done by Cheong Ang at UCSF.  I think you should be
>able to get it via ftp to  If you're interested in
>using some other image format, you might look at Cheong's code as an
>example of how to modify Xmosaic.

The advantage to using Gifs, however, is that the document will be viewable
in all browsers that support inlined images.  If you add a new format, the
document will only be viewble by a very limited set of people...

At least in terms of Mosaic, we have currently only agreed to support gifs 
and xbms on all three platforms...


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