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Regardless of format, sometimes you have information in format A and due
to limits on computation and/or storage you can only deliver it in that
format.  Additional formats are not bad and it is only the design
limitations of Mosaic that make supporting more formats problematic.

Jon E. Mittelhauser writes:

At 11:56 AM 1/24/94 -0800, Christopher McRae wrote:
>Pini Albilia writes:
>> Is there a way to include Inlined image not in gif format?
>  There used to be a patch for Xmosaic which allowed for inlining TIFF
>images.  The work was done by Cheong Ang at UCSF.  I think you should be
>able to get it via ftp to  If you're interested in
>using some other image format, you might look at Cheong's code as an
>example of how to modify Xmosaic.

The advantage to using Gifs, however, is that the document will be viewable
in all browsers that support inlined images.  If you add a new format, the
document will only be viewble by a very limited set of people...

At least in terms of Mosaic, we have currently only agreed to support gifs 
and xbms on all three platforms...


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