Workshop on "Digital Libraries: Current Issues", May 19-20, Newark NJ

Timothy Finin <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 1994 20:27:33 -0500
From: Timothy Finin <>
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Subject: Workshop on "Digital Libraries: Current Issues", May 19-20, Newark NJ
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			     Workshop on
		  Digital Libraries: Current Issues
		 Thursday, May 19 and Friday 20, 1994

SPONSORS: Rutgers University, Purdue University, Bellcore, and AT&T

LOCATION}: Rutgers University, Ackerson Hall
           180 University Ave, Newark, NJ

WORKSHOP Co-CHAIRS: Nabil R. Adam, Bharat K. Bhargava, Yelena Yesha

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: S. Amarel, Rutgers Univ;   T. Finin, UMBC; 
                   P. Kanellakis, Brown Univ; S. Naqvi,Bellcore;
                   G.Schlageter, Fern Univ.;  B. Wah, Univ. of Illinois-UC

Digital libraries are destined to be the first true archives of
integrated multimedia data. Currently, we have corpora of text, image,
and sound files. Soon we expect to have corpora of electronic books
which are capable of subsuming most of the media we use today and have
the potential for added functionality by being interactive.

A digital library is a unification of all available data repositories
through a single interface. That interface should be expected to cope
with whatever kind of data, e.g., text, image, and sound that is being
retrieved. Furthermore, this interface should serve as an effective
access means for scientists, engineers, managers as well as everyday

With the new initiative to build a better information infrastructure,
it has become even more important to develop better means for
managing, locating, and retrieving information and knowledge bases.

We believe that the technologies of Parallelism, Networking/
Communications, Multi-media, User-interfaces, Database Management, and
Information Management will play an important role in making digital
libraries a reality.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of the workshop is to provide an international
forum to discuss evolving research issues and applications in digital
libraries.  Invited speakers from industry, universities, and
government will present their experiences and vision for the future.

The following are among  the invited speakers and panelists.

 - Ron Ashany, Program Director, Database and Expert Systems, NSF
 - Ed Fox, Virginia Tech  
 - Milton Halem, Chief of Space Data and Computing Division, NASA
 - Mike Lesk, Bellcore
 - William Steele, Director, Business Development, GTE
 - Don Tiedeman, Vice-President, AT&T 

INFORMATION TO AUTHORS: Authors interested in participating in the
workshop are invited to submit a 3 page abstract by Feb. 28, 1994 to:

  Prof. Nabil R. Adam
  Rutgers University
  180 University Ave.
  Newark, NJ 07102
  (201) 648-5239

Notification of acceptance will be sent by March 15, 1994.

An edited book and special issue of a journal are planned.

ACCOMMODATION: All attendees are welcome to stay at the Hilton and
Towers (Gateway Center, Raymond Blvd., Newark, NJ) (201) 622-5000. A
block of rooms will be reserved and a special rate will be arranged
for the attendees (ask for the Rutgers Group. For a Courtesy bus from
Newark Airport call the Hilton).