A/UX & NCSA_httpd_1.1 compile errors

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 10:10:30 EDT
From: dolesa@smtp-gw.spawar.navy.mil
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To: www-talk@www0.cern.ch
Subject: A/UX & NCSA_httpd_1.1 compile errors
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When I try to compile under A/UX, I get:

dolomite.root # make
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_config.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX httpd.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_request.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX util.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_dir.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_alias.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_log.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_mime.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_access.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_auth.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_get.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_put.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX http_script.c
        gcc -c -g -DAUX rfc931.c
rfc931.c: In function `fsocket':
rfc931.c:56: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
        gcc  -o httpd http_config.o httpd.o http_request.o util.o http_dir.o  ht
tp_alias.o http_log.o http_mime.o http_access.o http_auth.o  http_get.o http_put
.o http_script.o rfc931.o
dolomite.root #

Suggestions?  I have the flag set for A/UX.