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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 13:06:09 PST
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If none of the Mosaic software engineers can accept a little criticism
of their software product, they should not be producing software for
distribution, either for free or for sale.

Everyone needs to lighten up as the question of image format is moot at
this point and people will add support for other formats and add support
for displaying w/in Mosaic and add support for on-demand client
conversion, etc, etc, etc...

If, however, Mosaic is going to grow into a strong and robust
implementation that supports the growing needs of its user community,
the software developers at NCSA need to be aware of the real-world
contraints and demands of real-world users.  Otherwise the entire
exercise is merely software for its own sake.

Marc Andreessen writes:

David C. Martin writes:
> Would you (Jon) stop trying to defend the design limitations of
> Mosaic and simply recommend GIF to people who have the choice?

Who are you to say something like that?  Jesus, lighten up.

> It is up to the software designer to provide the authors of the
> world the tools and functionality that they require to convey their
> ideas.

So demand a refund.