What's New - EXPE Design Conference

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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 15:41:06 PST
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Subject: What's New - EXPE Design Conference
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I am sending out this information i received for the benefit of w3 
Information on this design conference will also be available on
"What's New Page" from NCSA.
  Vinay Kumar

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From brereton@sunrise.stanford.edu Tue Jan 25 15:24:57 1994

The Center for Design Research at Stanford would like to announce our Team
Design Conference, EXPE, on WWW. 

Margot Brereton

Stanford University's Center for Design Research is pleased to announce 
EXPE: An Experiential Conference on Team Design, March 24th - 26th, 1994.  
Explore the design process by working with teams from Chrysler, WET design, 
XEROX PARC, Pacific Data Images, Caterpillar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and 
the Design Division, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University.
THe URL is:


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