Re: Inlined image format

George Phillips <>
Date: 25 Jan 94 16:39 -0800
From: George Phillips <>
To: <>
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Subject: Re: Inlined image format
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Lou Montulli says:
>How about adding a new header or a new form of the existing
>header to specify what kinds of image types can be "inlined"
>The server may want to differentiate between a get that is
>coming for an image that will be inlined and one that will
>be spawned in an external viewer.

I don't see the need for this right now especially since the
server will probably know where the image is headed (it probably
gave you the document that in-lined the image in the first place).

If you had such a feature, I'd presume it would be some parameter
on the "Accept:" header, but it seems a little bit abstract for
such a purpose.

Besides, we barely have Accept: headers that say the right thing
never mind many servers that pay attention to them not to
mention any of the parameters.

On the other hand, if someone puts "Accept: image/gif; depth=1"
into their browser, I promise to have at least one server which
uses it!