Re: hyper-TeX and standards for client-side extensions
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 16:28:58 -0600
Message-id: <>
To: Bill Janssen <>
Subject: Re: hyper-TeX and standards for client-side extensions
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> I think a more realistic and useful thing would be to add a
> Hypertext Extension to Postscript (which, of course,
> TeX document can convert into). 

That would indeed be useful (assuming the PostScript files were  
compressed in transmission).

However, what I'm proposing is actually considerably simpler.  I  
think I might have caused some confusion by using the name  
"hyper-TeX", when I'm actually only talking about shipping  
fully-processed DVI files around.  As I was explaining, the amount of  
work that needs to be done beyond what already exists in Mosaic and  
xdvi is quite limited; the main thing is to make sure it's  
implemented in a future-thinking way.

Paul Burchard	<>
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