FW: Directions for Obtaining the CORBA Spec

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Subject: FW: Directions for Obtaining the CORBA Spec
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As promised, directions for obtaining CORBA specs:
From: vinoski
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Subject: Re: Directions for Obtaining the CORBA Spec
Date: Friday, February 04, 1994 1:56PM

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Subject: Re: Directions for Obtaining the CORBA Spec
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Fisher Mark <is3.indy.tce.com!FisherM%tcemail.UUCP@uunet.UU.NET> writes:
>The World-Wide Web project (distributed hypertext/hypermedia via TCP/IP) is 

>discussing an idea called Accessories, which would be objects that that
>display data in a program's child window when the data is normally foreign
>to the program (for example, inline display of an MPEG movie in a program
>that otherwise would only know how to display a static image).  The proper
>way to do this looks like implementing Accessories as CORBA objects.  Since 

>you wrote an nice article for "The C++ Report" about CORBA, would you 
>tell me how people can obtain copies of the CORBA spec?  Thank you very

Send email to server@omg.org with the single word "help" in the body
of the message.  The OMG server will send you instructions on
retrieving OMG documents via email.

The CORBA 1.1 specification is not available via this service, however
(though you can currently get a draft of the CORBA 1.2 spec this way).
You can find the CORBA 1.1 spec in book form at your local technical
bookstore, or you can get it from the OMG for $50:

Object Management Group, Inc.   Telephone: +1-508-820 4300
492 Old Connecticut Path        Facsimile: +1-508-820 4303
Framingham, MA  01701   U.S.A.  Internet: documents@omg.org

I recommend pulling down the CORBA 1.2 spec (if you can handle
Postscript) before dropping $50 for the book form.

Hope this helps.  Any other questions, please let me know.


Steve Vinoski  vinoski@apollo.hp.com    (508)436-5904
Distributed Object Computing Program    fax: (508)436-5122
Hewlett-Packard, Chelmsford, MA 01824