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Bill Hefley wrote:
> I'm trying to put together a list of what documents/tools someone who is going
> to be preparing HTML-coded content should be aware of. Sort of a minimalist
> manual for content developers.

I have a very rough start towards that in the following two docs, left
in HTML hopefully for your convenience...
<TITLE>Index of Information about WWW/HTML</TITLE>

This is just a real quick start... It will no doubt grow, and pointers to other good resources are welcomed! <P>

<LI> <A HREF="">The WWW FAQ</A>
<LI> <A HREF="">CERN's Intro the the WWW Project</A>
<LI> <A HREF="">Marc Andreesen's Primer to composing HTML</A> (<EM>very</EM> useful!)
<LI> <A HREF="www-authoring.html">An index of authoring tools and filters for HTML</A>
<LI> <A NAME=10 HREF="">The Actual Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) RFC</A>
<LI> <A HREF="">The NCSA httpd home page</A>, for information about the server running on <code></code>
<LI> The <A HREF="">List of ISO Latin 1 character entities</A>, because I can never find it... 
<A HREF="">Back to the NU Home Page</A>

----- begin -------
<H1>HTML Authoring</H1>
Here's my shot at presenting a thorough list of tools for the composition of HTML; the information on filters is largely derived from a list developed by Rich Brandwein ( and Mike Sendall (  If you are new to writing HTML, I strongly recommend beginning by reading Marc Andreesen's <A HREF="">"A Beginners Guide to HTML"</A>.

<H2>Tools for Composing HTML</H2>
<DT> <A HREF="">html-mode.el</A>
<DD> Written by XMosaic developer Marc Andreesen, this EMACS library provides basic automation of HTML tagging.  It is not glamorous, but it is functional (this document was composed using html-mode.el) 
<DT> <A HREF="">BBEdit</A> and <A HREF="">HTML Extensions</A>
<DD> The Web Project at Universitat Jaume I in Spain has developed HTML extensions to the popular Mac editor "BBEdit".  The extensions are stored at (along with BBEdit).  The canonical location for the original BBEdit is
<DT> <A HREF="">MS Word for Windows Macros</A>
<DD> Also known as <TT></TT>, this is an untested (by me) package of Macros to bring HTML editing to MS Word for Windows.  <A HREF="">More details</A> can be found at <A HREF="">Georgia Tech's Web Server</A>

<H2>Tools for Converting Other Document Formats to HTML</H2>
As noted above, much of this information came from a list at  Until I'm comfortable with the stability and accuracy of this list, I'll include a <A HREF="">pointer to the original.</A>
<H3>Word Processor Filters</H3>
<DT> <A HREF="">General Translator Archive (Rainbow)</A>
<DD> Electronic Book Technologies is providing a set of translators to move from proprietary word processor formats into various SGML formats, including HTML.
<DT> MS Word RTF (Rich Text Format)
<DD> <DL>
<DT> <A HREF="">rtftohtml</A>
<DD> This site includes source and Macintosh and Sun binaries to convert Microsoft's RTF format to HTML, and is customizable in several ways.
<DT> <A HREF="">rtf2html</A>
<DD> An older utility written by <A HREF="">Chuck Shotton</A> (author of MacHTTP).  He admits it's an <A HREF="">"Ugly Hack"</A>
<DT> <A HREF="file://">WordPerfect 5.1: wp2X</A>
<DD> "WP 5.1 to anything," including a configuration file for WP2HTML.  Written by Michael Richardson of Carleton University

<DT> FrameMaker: 
<DD> <DL>
<DT> <A HREF="file://">fm2html</A>
<DD> <A HREF="">Developed</A> at Norwegian Telecom Research by Jon von Tetzchner Stephenson (  
<DT> mif2html
<DD> Developed by Bertrand Rousseau at CERN, this converter is used to present the <A HREF="">on-line documentation of the ADAMO programming system</A>  However, the source is not available anywhere I've found!

<DT> <A HREF="">DECWrite: decw2html</A>
<DD> By Peter Lister, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK (
<DT> <A HREF="">LaTeX2html</A>
<DD> Untested by me...

The manner in which I have chosen to present these materials may not be
the manner in which you will decide to construct the internet. Yet you
will find it useful to glance at. It will help you think about what you
are doing. I have for five years been constantly surprising myself, as I
adventured in this task, and iterated and iterated the materials I am
collecting. Surprised myself, because under my hands the materials have
been resistive, and have required me to follow a shape which I would never
have anticipated. It is not a shape which I have imposed, it is a data
shape which is reluctant to be "created," but which is in the process of
allowing itself to be "discovered."
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