Re: Server control over history?

Paul Burchard <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 15:33:22 --100
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From: Paul Burchard <>
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Subject: Re: Server control over history?
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Dave_Raggett <> writes:
> Another common case occurs with fill-out forms. Keeping a
> history of the successive stages of filling out a form, and
> the updates to that form by the server is of dubious value

On the contrary---I would like to disagree here.

> (it would only make sense in the context of
> a multi-level UNDO mechanism).

Exactly---but this sort of automatic unlimited UNDO capability is a  
wonderful thing for increasing interactivity.  The higher bandwidth  
of interaction you want to achieve, the more useful it becomes.

At the Geometry Center, we have just released a suite of interactive  
graphical WWW applications based on fill-out forms, and have found  
the automatic UNDO capability to be *extremely* helpful.  Given the  
turnaround time of network transactions, correcting or fine-tuning  
one's input by taking advantage of the transparent UNDO feature can  
greatly boost the apparent interactivity of the application.  (Try it  
out for yourself at "".)

I don't have anything against your proposal for "hints" that would  
allow history to be discarded.  I simply want to emphasize that the  
default behavior of browsers should always be to *keep* intermediate  
steps of the fill-out form.

Thanks for listening,
Paul Burchard	<>
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