Re: Server control over history?

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 20:09:20 --100
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Subject: Re: Server control over history? 
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In message <>, Dave_Raggett writes:
>I guess we could add actions to:
>    a) push a marker to the current history stack position
>    b) pop a marker and clear the history stack accordingly
>These could be implemented using a couple of new attributes for links.
>Another idea is to encourage people to use <LINK> rather than <A> for such
>"Go Home" links. This means that such links couldn't be scrolled off the window.
>For this to be attractive, we also need to allow images for links, perhaps by
>adding a SRC attribute to LINK. What do people think of this?

I think a whole lot of folks have already thought a whole lot about
problems like this, and they thought this stuff was important enough
to standardize on.

They call their work HyTime.

We should take a look at it and see if we can't borrow from what they

For example, it should be trivial to derive this LINK element from the
hytime ilink architectural form. See

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for one way of doing it.