Re: client local file system access issues (Alexsander Totic)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 16:55:36 --100
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From: (Alexsander Totic)
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Subject: Re: client local file system access issues
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> Mac Mosaic does file:///drive name/path Spaces are okay at least in the
> drive name.

MacMosaic actually accepts:

file:// files/main.html
file://localhost/AlexWork/Test files/main.html
file:///AlexWork/Test files/main.html

as valid paths for the local file. There are certain problems with using / in
your names, but other than that, I think its local file handling is

> file or handing it off to an external browser. So, the case of
> file://localhost should be treated special be the client so that it just
> goes and used the local file. You won't have to wait for a 14MB audio/video
> file to get copied to a different directory before the external mpeg player
> launches to play the file.

Yeah, we just have not gotten around to doing it.