Defaults - client side, server side or what?

Mr Robert McArthur <>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 1994 02:55:36 --100
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From: Mr Robert McArthur <>
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Subject: Defaults - client side, server side or what?
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Hello everyone.

With the proliferation of form-based documents I see a need for a system
whereby people can setup defaults for documents that they visit.  For
instance, an archie frontend document provides you with the choice of which
archie server around the world to use.  Someone accessing the frontend may
use Europe, another maybe Australia depending upon where they are located
and other things.  It would be useful to have defaults for a particular
person for a document.  So, whenever I use the frontend it will default to
Australia, but still give me the option of course for somewhere else.
Like wise in other forms and, I think, in many other documents.

It does not seem like a server side feature because it would mean the server
keeping track of individuals preferences.  It seems slightly more of a client
feature where you can set defaults any time you get to a document and these
are stored in your local config file.  Perhaps the document author can
provide details on what choices the reader has for default status, and what
values can be set as defaults.

Hows all that sound...