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Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 17:29:47 --100
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Erik Naggum wrote:
> Rather than
> roll your own primitive and dysfunctional SGML processors, why not use an
> actual SGML parser?  Some of them are heavy-weights, and some insist on
> being run as separate processes, but the project I'm working on has shown
> that one can build a small and conforming SGML parser that is also fast.

Interesting. Does this small+conforming+fast SGML parser exist, and is
it going to be freely available on the net?

BTW, If anyone has succeeded in, or would like to try, making sgmls into 
a linkable library (as opposed to being run restarting the process), 
please drop me a line. I tried it once but it wasn't fun.