Re: A thought on implementation...

Erik Naggum <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 17:36:40 --100
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From: Erik Naggum <>
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Subject: Re: A thought on implementation...
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The parser and its entity manager are in alpha testing right now.  We
expect it to be out in beta test "relatively soon", such as two to three
weeks from now.

However, ARC SGML, on which SGMLS was built, was intended to be used as a
linkable library.  SGMLS unfortunately, took a rather different approach,
and retrofitting the fixes that SGMLS made, back into the ARC SGML parser
has proved to be a most painful task that I soon dropped.  Part of the
reason for that is that the source code was gratuitously reformatted,
making use of existing tools (diff, patch, etc) nigh impossible.

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