Re: Idea for new form input type

Liam Relihan <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 12:36:41 --100
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Subject: Re: Idea for new form input type
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> Lou Montulli writes:
 > I have an suggestion for a new form input type that I would
 > like to input on.
 > In order to support the posting of large files using form based
 > machanisms I suggest that a new input type "include-file" (or
 > something similar) be added.  This new type would be a file
 > that exists on the local machine whose data would be posted
 > to the forms server during form submission.  This method
 > would require the file to be posted using a MIME multipart
 > message.
 > The reasons this will be useful are as follows:
 > * large text files can be sent without having to cut and paste
 >   them into a textarea window as they are now.
 > * no memory limits on the size of the file.  (currently all input
 >   data is held in memory)
 > * arbitrary binary files can be sent 

It could be dodgy if a form had some kind of a "hidden" field pointing to a
default, eg. something like /etc/password (or something else sensitive). 
Imagine, that in the middle of a massive form, a little file specification
field existed specifying a file as a default. 

Would default filenames be allowed ?

Maybe I'm being a little paranoid.

I agree, however, that it is a good idea.

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