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Subject: Re: A thought on implementation...
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Pei Y. Wei,

> At one point, ViolaWWW used a real SGML parser (sgmls) entirely 

> (without CERN's parser) for its parsing of HTML (using Dan's DTD) and 

> also HMML (something I had cooked up; this was pre HTML+ DTD days). 

> Trouble was, it seemed few people were validating their HTML documents
> with a DTD. Consequently, viola had a hard time with lots of the HTML
> documents on the web...

Sad 'nuff. We'll all have a hell of a time when people start using
WYSYWIG editors (which are probably SGML based, and will _have_ to
be more strict about syntax). IMHO, SGML frontend based systems
are the way to go for the simple HTML editors we'll see in the
near future.

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