Announcing W3Kit: a toolkit for interactive Web application development
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 10:30:32 --100
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Subject: Announcing W3Kit: a toolkit for interactive Web application development
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-- The Geometry Center announces W3Kit version 1.0 --

W3Kit is a system for building interactive graphical
applications for the World Wide Web.

Any graphical Web browser supporting Mosaic-compatible
Fill-Out Forms can be used as the front end of a W3Kit
application.  The back end takes the form of a
CGI-compliant server script, and W3Kit is principally
an object-oriented class library for easing the
development of sophisticated server scripts.

W3Kit supports 2D and 3D graphics.  It also provides the
application developer with a familiar programming
model involving an event loop and the usual cast of
interface widgets. 

W3Kit has been tested under SGI Irix and NeXTSTEP.  It is
intended to be compatible with other UNIX/X11 setups
supporting the Display PostScript extensions to X. 

W3Kit also requires GCC and the Geomview/X11 source
distribution (available through the references below).

The kit, along with preliminary documentation, can be found at:
 <A HREF="">W3Kit</A>
The Geometry Center's recently announced Interactive Gallery
contains several examples of what can be done with W3Kit:
 <A HREF="">W3Kit Demos</A>

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