Re: Idea for new form input type

Dave_Raggett <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 15:53:42 --100
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Subject: Re: Idea for new form input type
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> This approach would not address the problem of non text files very well.
> Should a CGI script have to be prepared to handle a MS Word document as
> well as ASCII text from a text area field?

> Should the form allow the specification of a desired/required MIME content
> type for the file to be named?

> Should there be a mechanism for specifying the MIME content type of the
> file to be sent?

Yes this is essential and provides the means for encapsulating form contents
as a multipart MIME message. CGI scripts will be able to then process the
data accordingly. MIME messages can have nested parts, so the TEXTAREA field
would map to a nested multipart message when multiple objects have been
"dropped" into that field.

This idea and the Lou's simpler file name field needs to be discussed at the
WWW Conference in May along with other ideas for extending forms.

Dave Raggett