Re: using PGP/PEM? using Kerberos?

"Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 10:41:01 --100
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From: "Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre" <>
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Subject: Re: using PGP/PEM? using Kerberos?
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> Also, I'm looking for experienced Kerberos site administrators who are
> willing to try out a Kerberized version of Mosaic/httpd. No, they're not
> done yet, but they will be relatively soon. As with the PGP/PEM stuff, this
> should be considered experimental.

Me, me, me, me! Actually I'm using Plexus, but I could probably bring myself 
to try httpd if it had Kerberos. Anyone Kerberised Plexus yet?

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