San Fran. Bay Area March 24th SIGWEB Meeting Announcement (Dave Lewis)
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******  March SIGWEB Meeting Announcement  ******

The March SIGWEB meeting will be held at Stanford University, on March
24th from 2 to 5 pm.  

Featured Speaker:  	Dr. Jay M. Tenenbaum, 
			Founder and CEO
			Enterprise Integration Technologies,

Title of Talk:
	     Spontaneous Electronic Commerce on the Internet

Imagine an electronic marketplace where buyers and sellers from thousands of  
companies across Northern California come together to transact business with 
each other -- and with customers and suppliers from around the world.


- Using online directories, brokers and referral services to locate a
critical, but hard to find part;

- Browsing through multimedia catalogs and calling up video product demos;

- Having instant access to competitive pricing from a wide variety of
online suppliers -- and then placing your order by making a selection
on your computer screen;

- Marketing your products or services to customers around the world by simply 
posting information on your own computer;

- Delivering customized, full-color catalogs to customers anywhere in
the world for a fraction of the cost of distributing printed material;

- Solving a design problem, in real time, by collaborating with
development partners at remote sites.

You've just imagined CommerceNet, Northern California's electronic
marketplace. It will be here soon, and it will revolutionize the way
business is done. 

We will present CommerceNet from the perspective of both users and
information providers, and describe the services that we are
developing to make the Internet suitable for business use.


The remainder of the afternoon will be filled out as follows:

SIGWEB Business and Announcements of Related Events/Activities (brief)
SIGWEB Member Input Survey
	The SIGWEB volunteer corps is preparing a survey to collect member input
	to aid development of the SIGWEB organization and its member services.  
	Email and WWW-Forms versions will also be available.

Birds of a Feather/Discussion Groups
	In response to SIGWEB member feedback, there will be ample time
	for informal introductions and discussions with others working and/or 
	interested in various topics of interest to SIGWEB members,
	such as:
		Networked Information Delivery and Retrieval
		Gopher, WAIS, WWW, Mosaic, Cello, Z39.50, SGML, HTML(+), HTTP 
		What's Hot in URLs, Gopher Sites, WAIS Sources

	Several "Birds of a Feather" discussion group's will be organized.  
	Some topics will be suggested but others may be created by attendees.

Refreshments will be served.

Questions concerning this meeting may be directed either toward Dave Lewis -
meeting coordinator (, 510-823-2831), or Chris McRae - 
SIGWEB President, (, 415-242-9623)


March SIGWEB Meeting
Date: Thursday, March 24th
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
	Building 420 (Jordan Hall), Room 40
	Stanford University
	Stanford, CA

Directions to Stanford Campus and Meeting Room:

(There is a Stanford University Campus Map at:

>From Highway 101 Northbound:
	Exit at Embarcadaro Road/Oregon Expressway
	    - follow off-ramp signs to Embarcadaro Rd West/Stanford U. exit
		(it's the third turn-off once on the off-ramp)
	Continue with "From Embacadaro Road Westbound" below

>From Highway 101 Southbound:
	Exit at Embarcadaro Road - head west

>From Embarcadaro Road  Westbound:
	Follow Embarcadaro; under The Alma, across El Camino, onto campus.
	Park in a metered space (e.g. strait to The Oval, or Tressider Union lot)
	use a campus map to find Jordan Hall

>From 280 North or South:
	Take Page Mill Rd. exit, head east (toward bay)
	Take left at Foothill Expressway (at bottom of long downhill)
	At Campus (2nd light), turn right.
	Park in a metered space (e.g. Tressider Union lot)
	using a campus map to find Jordan Hall