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Ed Levinson <elevinso@Accurate.COM>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 01:57:24 --100
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Subject: Re: Comments on MIME/SGML 
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Your suggestion to use URIs in the Content-IDs is quite appropriate. 
I did not use your
suggestion, which I acknowledge you made earlier and to which I did
not respond, for two reasons.  First, it is important for me to have
the entire document self contained; second, I am unable to point to
URIs through an Internet standard, unfortunately we haven't gotten
there yet.

Is there any reason, however, that someone cannot use a URI in the
Content-ID.  What language would you suggest that would open up the
usage to your proposal.  From my point of view, URIs are useful.  Another
way I think they can be used is as a Message/External-body.  That way
is more general and URIs are available beyond SGML.  Is there a proposal
for doing that?


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> Dan,
> >    1. We make the following correspondence between the terms of the SGML
> >    standard and the MIME RFC:
> ....
> >        SGML SYSTEM identifier => MIME Content-ID
> 	I proposed in an earlier note that the SGML SYSTEM identifier
> 	should be a URI and that a special form of URI (cid:) should
> 	be used to specify a content identifier within a MIME
> 	multipart message.
> 	SGM SYSTEM identifier  => URI
> 	This allows SGML to reference anything in the universal
> 	syntax, inclusing now URLs and later URNs, and
> 	other parts of a MIME object using the cid: form.
> 	I think this is important, as external references
> 	are important too, and one will need to mix them.
> 	Tim BL
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