Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?

Dave_Raggett <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 18:30:11 --100
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Subject: Re: The future of meta-indices/libraries?
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> 2.  HTML+ Meta information

>    I think that, by all means, authors should be encouraged to put
>    meta information into their html documents.  And automatic
>    template creators should be designed to incorporate this
>    information if it exists.  But I don't think that a robot doing a
>    HEAD request for all the documents on a server is the correct way
>    to do indexing.  I particular I don't know how the robot would
>    know the URLs of documents on the server all it only used the HEAD
>    method.

I think that a local "robot" is in a good position to create the index.

    o   speed isn't a problem

    o   local staff can use config files to control
        which directories are searched

    o   you can combine manual with automatic entry generation
        for different parts of the local web as needed

Dave Raggett