Re: Come 'n Get it: A DTD for current practice in HTML

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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 19:31:32 --100
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Paul Leclerc wrote:
>  No one ever told me that I should "validate" my documents with
>some SGML validator.  We must remember that the people on this list
>constitute the elite of WWW and HTML.  Expecting all HTML authors
>to now go out and gather these tools AND make them write conforming
>*SGML* documents seems unrealistic.

I cut my HTML teeth using vi and CERN's httpd and linemode browser obtained 
from CD-ROM.  My latest HTML was written with the Word for Windows GT_HTML, 
which is how I plan for my customers to be writing HTML (WinWord being TCE's 
official word processor).  Automatic tools for validating (and fixing!) HTML 
are the way to go, but they need to be easy enough to use as well as obtain 
so that everyone can write HTML.  Anyone interested in writing an HTML 
validator AND fixer?  My hands are full overcoming the lack of the upcoming 
"submit file" HTML form widget...
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