Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem?

Marc VanHeyningen <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 15:59:10 +0200
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From: Marc VanHeyningen <>
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Subject: Re: HTTP problem or Mosaic problem? 
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> This is how vsafecsh works:
> 1. It maintains a table of trusted and un-trusted binaries.

Ok... but I don't see what the difference is between a binary that is
"untrusted" and one that isn't in the table at all.

> 3. vsafecsh then parses each command-set to see if the command-set
>    is trusted. If yes, then it parses the components of the command-set
>    to look for un-trusted commands.
> e.g. if "xterm" is trusted, and "rm" if untrusted, then a command-set like
>      "xterm -e rm" will not be executed. Fair enough ?

If "echo" is trusted, would "echo -n rm" be executed?

> 4. If step 3 goes failsafe, then it does a fork and exec.

It seems to then immediately go on to the next command rather than
wait()ing on the process; i.e. all commands are implicitly suffixed
with "&"; yes?  Is this changable?

- Marc
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