Re: Listserve Loses Headers containing message-IDs and URL/URIs (Nick Arnett)
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 1994 06:57:48 +0200
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From: (Nick Arnett)
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Subject: Re: Listserve Loses Headers containing message-IDs and URL/URIs
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At  6:24 AM 6/17/94 +0200, John C. Mallery wrote:

>If these were preserved, then the archive maintainers could do better
>threading (e.g.,

Yes!!!  I keep dreading the cycles it would take to thread messages by
looking for the quoted text.

By the way, if anyone has has had trouble trying to reach my site over the
last week, there have been frequent interruptions of my service thanks to a
power hit at Portal.  Things seem to be somewhat stable again.

The archive menus contain only the most recent two weeks of messages.  I'm
working on a hooking in a full-text retrieval system for the older stuff.
You can still backtrack through the threads, however, to reach parent
messages and then all replies, regardless of age (click on the title to go
to the parent).

I've noticed a really awful bug in my code that makes URLs in messages hot
-- it's not including "ftp" and other types except http when it creates the
HREF anchor, so none of the others work...  I'll fix that tomorrow.

For reference again, my home page is:

The top indexes for Web-related lists are at:


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