RE: Accessing Mosaic from modem via X software?
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 18:18:36 +0200
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Subject: RE: Accessing Mosaic from modem via X software? 
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From: Jonathan Ogden <>
Subject: RE: Accessing Mosaic from modem via X software? 
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I have found that NetManage Chameleon v4.02 combined with NCSA's Mosaic v.2.0a5 

works great.  The reason I like NetManage Chameleon is that it is entirely 

Windows-based -- some of the other solutions require that you dump out to DOS
first to 

establish the SLIP or PPP connection.  Chameleon  handles SLIP, Compressed SLIP,

PPP, and Compressed PPP.  Compressed PPP, if your Internet Service Provider 

supports it, is your best bet in terms of speed.  Also a 14.4 modem with v.32bis

v.42bis is essential.  Moreover, if it is an external modem, making sure that
your serial 

port is 16550 UART possessed is good -- other than the chipset, 16550 UART

ports most always have DB25 pin connectors as opposed to DB9 connectors.  This

allow your 14.4 v.32bis and v.42bis modem to connect up to the Internet Service 

Provider at 57600 bps -- provided that your Internet Service Provider has a

modem on their end.   

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email here -- feel free to
distribute this if 

you find it helps others.

-Jonathan Ogden                                         
 President, The Interactive Center               DIGITAL                                 BAYSIDE
                                                                 Santa Monica