CommerceNet Launch broadcast over CU-SeeMe

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Subject: CommerceNet Launch broadcast over CU-SeeMe
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	During today (April 12, roughly 8:00 am to 9:00 am PST),
the official launch of CommerceNet will be broadcast over CU-SeeMe,
a Macintosh videoconferencing tool.
	We don't expect to have sound, but a video feed will be provided
during the non-demo portions of the launch to avoid burning up
bandwidth at our end. The launch is taking place at Techmart, a
conference center located in Santa Clara, California, USA.
	The machine doing the broadcasting is one of six machines
on the floor that will be used to demo CommerceNet's World-Wide Web
server, the opening of which will be announced on the www-talk mailing
list and the other normal channels. Other machines have been provided
by Tandem, HP, and DEC.
	You can view the video with the CU-SeeMe software available
at ftp.gated.cornell in /pub/video and hear (should audio be provided)
with the Maven audioconferencing tool. Connect to EIT's reflector
site at for both video and audio.
	Some of the official PR for CommerceNet:
	"Created and operated by a consortium of leading Silicon Valley
organizations, CommerceNet is an electronic marketplace where companies
transact business spontaneously over the Internet."
	"Like the Internet, CommerceNet is open to all users. CommerceNet
users can offer information, goods, and services by creating a multimedia
"storefront" and listing it with the appropriate directories and brokers.
As a fully distributed network of information service providers, CommerceNet's
growth is unbounded; providers run their own network servers and maintain
full local control over their own data."
	For more information on CommerceNet, go to EIT's Web site at

	or mail Recent articles featuring CommerceNet
have appeared in the _Wall Street Journal_, _San Jose Mercury Times_,
and this week's _Business Week_.

	-- Kevin

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